Viking Life in the Storm-Cursed Faroes, 1930

21 04 2014


“The Faeroes [sic] remain practically unchanged by modern civilization and untouched by the tourist. Modern civilization can find no foothold on their windy cliffs; there life can exist only when modeled on ancient, primitive patterns. And so the islanders, forever wrestling with waves and winds, have little time for the tourist or his money. Like the giant battle fleet of some latter-day Thor, The Faeroes ride the stormy  Atlantic, straining each at its anchor.”

So does the Danish photographer Leo Hansen describe the Faroe Islands, in an article in the National Geographic from November 1930. In the article, Hansen writes about his frequent trips to the Faroes to take photographs, and introduces the magazine’s American readers to the islands’ culture and nature and the islanders’ struggle for livelihood. The article is illustrated with a treasure trove of Hansen’s own photographs.

Read the article in National Geographic here



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21 04 2014
Stormy Faroe Islands in 1930 | iSKAFONO

[…] Read the National Geographic article here […]

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